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My services include proofreading, copy editing, and line editing. You may need a quick proofread, or you may need someone to really focus on the content of your writing before sending it to be proofread. Maybe you need both. Whatever the case, send me a message with the services you need, a sample of your work that's no more than 1,000 words (sample size can change depending on the length of the project), and a timeline of when you may need your work completed. I'll provide feedback and give you a quote. A sooner or rushed deadline may result in a higher quote. I use Track Changes in Microsoft Word for all edits.

Laptop & Coffee


This is the last step before your project is published. Proofreading is a surface check and includes correcting errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I will check accuracy of obvious facts and make sure your work maintains  consistency. The initial proofread is the only review provided in this service. There will be an extra charge for additional reviews. To make this project as smooth as possible, I ask that all major edits have been made before submission.

Starting at $0.01/word

$40 minimum



This is the editing step before a proofread and publish. Copyediting includes correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar, word usage and syntax. This is where I will do more in depth research of facts, names, numbers, dates, etc. With this service you will receive the initial edit, plus a free additional review, if needed. After that, there will be an extra charge per each additional requested review.

Starting at $.015/word

$60 minimum

Reading Glasses on Book


This is usually the editing step after a developmental edit and before a copyedit. Line editing includes editing of tone, flow, clarity, and language. I will make suggestions to improve poor word usage, redundant use of language, and repetitive words. A light copyedit is included. I will also flag plot holes and make sure the tone and flow is suitable for readers. With this service you will receive the initial edit plus a free additional review. There will be an extra charge for each additional review after the second.

Starting at $.025/word

$100 minimum 

Click the link below and let me proof your work!

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